It is a wooden foot mat designed to remove all water between toes after washing in a bathroom. A toe drying function is added to a common foot mat. Once stepped on the mat, the air inside moves to the toes. Then, compressed air is formed and emitted through the holes under the toes. Then, it dries toes without the use of any electrical device.

With rocky parts, this foot mat also gives acupressure effects. The board is thin but strong. Because no electrical device is used, it is also cheap. It can substitute the current foot mat and is easy to carry. You can use it sitting in a sofa or couch as well.

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⁻ Dries water between toes
⁻ It is usually placed at the entrance to the bathroom. If you step on the mat after washing your feet, air comes out through the holes under your toes with a good scent and removes water.
⁻ You can use the mat under a desk or sofa for acupressure. The acupressure part rocks back and forth, further enhancing acupressure effects. Then, compressed air comes out through the holes with a pleasant scent. You can have a cool and refreshing feeling between your toes.

How to Use
⁻ Put the mat at the entrance to a bathroom. After washing your feet, step on the mat. Fresh air comes out through the holes under your toes with a pleasant scent and removes water between the toes with good acupressure effects.
⁻ Put the mat under a desk or sofa for acupressure effects. Rock the board and increase exercise effects. The air coming out from the holes under your toes keeps your toes dry and cool.





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